Dawn Nickel
She Recovers Every Day Book

Daily readings to support your recovery practice.

she recovers every day

the book

We are all recovering from something.

This daily meditation book is not specifically about any one condition, addiction, or life challenge. This book is designed to help you contemplate and hopefully embrace the notion that you can take charge of your life and heal, regardless of what you are recovering from. 

Dawn gets it. These daily affirmations are full of practical guidance, real wisdom, humor, and grace. A tremendous resource for women in recovery.

Laura McKowen,

Author We Are The Luckiest

A gem of a book that makes every day a bit brighter with insights from one of the best-loved voices in recovery today.
Jean McCarthy

Author Take Good Care: Recovery Readings Inspired by The Bubble Hour Podcast

As a person in long-term recovery, my daily practice is pivotal to my overall well-being. This new collection of hope, healing, and inspirational passages will become part of my daily routine.
Jennifer Storm

Author Blackout Girl

About Dawn NICkel

Dr. Dawn Nickel – or “Mama Dawn” as she is affectionately known in the women’s recovery space, is the Co-Founder of the SHE RECOVERS® Foundation and an experienced thought leader and consultant with extensive experience in researching and writing about women experiencing substance use disorders, mental health challenges, and intimate partner violence.

Dawn is passionate about redefining women’s recovery, ending the shame and stigma around it, and ensuring that all women are supported to find and follow individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery.  

A woman on a mission

inspiring healing and growth.


Dawn and her daughter Taryn Strong are the Co-Founders of the SHE RECOVERS® Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at connecting, supporting and empowering women in or seeking recovery.


Dawn is a sought after speaker for both in-person events and podcasts. She brings her warmth, humor, lived experience and expertise to a wide range of topics related to women’s healing and growth.


In her consulting work as a health and social policy researcher and writer, Dawn focuses on how best to support women, youth and others experiencing substance use, mental health, and related life issues.