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Dawn Nickel

Dawn Nickel, one of the founders of the international movement and nonprofit organization SHE RECOVERS® Foundation, presents a daily meditation book that acknowledges the specific needs of all women in any type of recovery and includes important topics such as substance use, codependency, love addiction, workaholism, eating disorders, and beyond. 

20% of the proceeds of She Recovers Every Day go to the SHE RECOVERS® Foundation.

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This book is my love letter to recovery – recovery from addiction, trauma, mental health issues and anything else from which we hope to heal.

I wrote a year’s worth of meditations because I know that recovery is a daily practice, not an event and setting aside a few minutes every day to think about recovery can help us underscore our commitment to that practice. The book is made up of my reflections, and those of the women who’ve shared their wisdom with me over the past three and a half decades. My hope is that my thoughts spark readers’ own thoughts about recovery, and that every reader carries on this important conversation outside of the book. All women’s voices and ideas matter and are needed in the women’s recovery movement.

She Recovers Every Day Book
Hold On, Pain Ends
Life is not a test
She Recovers

praise for the book

This little book is a culmination of some of Dawn’s wisdom integrated with her incredible capacity for love and compassion. May it help many.

Mackenzie Phillips, Actor, Treatment Professional, Author of High on Arrival and Hopeful Healing

As someone who is in active recovery from many things (aren’t we all?) this book is a life-saving gem and one I refer to daily. There is no-one like Dawn and this book is a gift to the world.

Jennifer Pastiloff, best-selling author of On Being Human

At last, Dawn Nickel has written a book containing her decades of experience. As a leader, mother and grandmother, Dawn is a woman in long-term recovery with hard-earned wisdom and insights to share. This precious book will ground you and support you as you journey daily into the joys and challenges of recovery.

I have no doubt that this book will become an essential part of your recovery practice. I will be recommending it to all my clients.

Veronica Valli, author of Soberful: Uncover a Sustainable, Fulfilling Life Free of Alcohol

Dawn Nickel speaks to all —no matter what you’re recovering from, the length of time you’ve had sustained recovery, and for those who have had a million stops and starts. She gives all of us permission to be so incredibly gentle and compassionate with our process of unfolding and recovery. What if we really knew that we were enough and worthy even in our darkest hours? Dawn gives us a path to self-acceptance. What a relief! What freedom!

Ester Nicholson, founder and CEO of Soul Recovery, trauma healer, She Recovers coach, trainer, and presenter

She Recovers Every Day is a bookshelf staple to support your peace and your recovery. Providing a framework for your internal work, you’ll find tips and inspiration for your meditation practice and most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

Elena Brower, Artist, poet and bestselling author of Practice You, Being You, Art of Attention, and Softening Time

Dawn has provided a tool for recovery from a place of love and generosity. This book is filled with reminders that we are not alone and that everything we need comes from within us. What a beautiful gift to those of us at all stages of recovery.” (Elaine Alec, author of Calling My Spirit Back)

Elaine Alec, author of Calling My Spirit Back