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Having unwrapped so many of the gifts that long-term recovery brings, Dawn Nickel believes that she has a sacred obligation to pay something forward. It also seems like an urgently right time to do this.

A growing women’s mental health crisis means that the need to better identify and support all women in or seeking recovery has never been clearer. Dawn is on a mission to reimagine / redefine recovery to include all types of recovery and to articulate the importance of women being empowered to find and follow individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery.

women can and do recover– and they don’t need to do it alone

All of Dawn’s work – whether through the Foundation that she established, her professional consulting work, or her writing and speaking efforts – is intended to spread the word that women can and do recover – and they don’t need to do it alone. 

a respected thought leader in the women’s recovery sphere

As a respected thought leader in the women’s recovery sphere, Dawn is regularly invited to present at conferences, contribute as a guest on podcasts or provide keynote addresses at a variety of recovery or women’s wellness events. 

Dawn Nickel Delivering a keynote presentation
Dawn Nickel Speaking
Dawn Nickel Presentation

Dawn’s Keynote Topics

 recovery & connection


We Are All Recovering from Something


When Mothers and Daughters Heal Together


Dear Women in Twelve Step Recovery


Our Work is Not Our Worth


When Overworking Stops Working


The Importance and Imperative of Individualized Recovery Pathways and Patchworks for Women


Women for Sobriety Conference (Online, June 2020)

Western Conference on Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders (Newport Beach, September 2019)

Recovery Capital Conference (Vancouver, September 2019)

Integrating Spirituality, Mindfulness and Compassion in Mental Health and Addiction (Santa Fe, August 2019)

Northwest Conference on Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders (Seattle, May 2019)



Dawn has spoken to many people about women, addiction and recovery, the SHE RECOVERS movement, how she got to where she is and where she plans to place her energy moving forward. Feel free to browse through and listen to a podcast that appeals to you.

Soberful Podcast with Veronica Valli

She Recovers and Workaholism

One Day At A Time Podcast with Arlina Allen

 Dawn’s Recovery Journey

The Wounded Healer Podcast with Sarah Buino

Celebration is a Stage of Change 

To Fifty and Beyond with Lori Massicot

Community in Recovery

Hello Someday Podcast with Casey Davidson

The Many Paths to Recovery

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